Should I submit my Idea to an Invention Company?

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Today I am going to answer a question which has come up a lot lately:

Should I submit my idea to an invention company

One of the common questions that new inventors and product developers have is “should I submit my idea to an invention company“? It’s a good question!

Wait a minute, what is an invention company? These are companies which advertise that they will “help” you take your product to market. They often tell you it’s “free” to submit your ideas and that their team of professionals will develop and market your idea. They make it seem like you’ll do nothing and make lots of money. However, I havn’t heard of many inventors who have succeeded with this approach. Some have even spent the hard-earned savings and didn’t get anything in return!

Invention companies promise a lot. They say they’ll develop you product, do your marketing, find you manufacturing or business partners…they make it sound so easy!

Be careful when signing anything! Sometimes you can inadvertently lose your rights to  your intellectual property.

At The Inventor School, we strongly suggest that you develop your skills as an inventor

Market Research, Idea Validation, Prototyping, Provisional Patent Applications, Getting REAL Feedback, Ensuring Profitability…

You really don’t need an invention company to do this work for you!

So why take the risk…?

Investing some time in learning the skills and getting better at those skills will allow you to achieve the success you desire, not ONCE, but MULTIPLE times!

Like most new things, there’s a learning curve. But it does get easier!

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