Salvation Through Validation

So you have a good idea, maybe even a “genius” idea. But how do you know?

Is it a “gut feeling”? Do your family and friends say it’s awesome?

One of the biggest risks for inventors, product developers and entrepreneurs is not doing enough upfront work to validate their ideas.

Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank? If so, you’ll know that they always have a few contestants on the show who exemplify the problem where inventors and entrepreneurs did not properly validate their ideas.

It’s really sad to see people investing their hard earned money (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars…) developing products and even entire businesses “hoping” and “believing” that they’ll strike it rich.

This is not a good strategy and could be very risky! Not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time. Life is already so busy and it’s so hard to fit in anything more…so it has to be worthwhile. 

Some of the best business advice I’ve received:

Don’t invest any money (or time, energy, etc) that you can’t afford to lose.

 Only focus on the winners and ditch the losers. Again, life is too short for bad ideas.


Plus, if you’re reading this, you’re obviously a creative person, so ideas are not really the problem!

Successful business people agree: Ideas are worthless, Execution is everything.

Despite what many inventors believe, you cannot patent an idea. You can only patent a specific technical solution.

Plus, only a valuable patent is worth anything…97% of all patents never make any money.

If you can agree that execution is everything and since time is finite and precious, we can only really execute on a small number of ideas.

 So before you go too far with any idea or venture, it’s best to put your ideas through a simple validation process.

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