How to Design Your Product’s Packaging

In new product development, creating the next big thing is just the beginning. Package design and development are an integral part of the launch process – so much so that it can be helpful to treat packaging design as its own project. And what a project it is. Far from simple, package design involves the…

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How to Learn from the Failures of others

I bought a neat filter bottle called Bobble. I liked it and it worked well, but it broke 🙁 There was a great story behind the product – cut down on wasted bottles, filtered water on demand.  Aesthetically it was well designed…by Karim! (a fellow OCAD alumnus …). Looks cool, well marketed.  They say it’s smart…

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Why do so many startups fail?

Bill Gross (of IdeaLab) has a great theory about the most important factor in what makes a Startup business succeed or fail: It’s Timing. This short video is well worth watching…but here’s the overview: 5 Major factors for Startup Success (in order of importance):   Timing (Too early, too late, just right) The Team (Was…

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Industrial Designers Make Great Inventors

inventor product designer invention business

To be a successful in the business of Inventing and New Products, you don’t need to be an Industrial Designer, but the skills which IDers typically have allows them to develop creative and innovative product ideas quickly and effectively and get more of their ideas to market. Here are some of the top reasons IDers…

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Is your Invention a Food Product?

invention how to develop a food product

Is your Idea actually good? This is a standard question for any product idea. It’s a combination of new/better as well as marketable and feasible from a manufacturing point of view. Marketability Are you in line with the trends? Is it what the market wants? Or better yet, is the product ahead of the market? Does…

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How to Design Products People Love…and Buy


When you set out to create a new product, whether it’s a physical product, an app or an ebook, you aim to give your customers what they want and need. But how can you design one product to suit the needs of many individuals? The Jobs-to-be-done framework is viewed at as being one of the most…

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