Just Effing Ship


The author takes us on a journey of rapic product creation.

She uses the metaphor of creating a Thanksgiving dinner – a relatively simple product with a clear deadline!

The book itself was written and published, ready to buy online…all done within 24 hours as part of a product creation challenge.

It’s intended to get you in the mood to get your project DONE – something we could all use help with!

General overview:

  1. Always Consider Your Guest
  2. Set a Deadline and Mean it!
  3. Work Backwards
  4. Break it Into Pieces
  5. Get Specific
  6. Start SMALL
  7. Start with A-T-O-M-S
  8. Shop the Shelf
  9. Track your Progress
  10. Doing is Learning (get to the 3rd version)
  11. Learn from Recipes
  12. Choose your Difficulty Setting
  13. Mise en Place (prepare all ingredients)
  14. Nice to have vs. Need to have
  15. Cut without Remorse!
  16. Feelings vs. Facts. You can’t please everyone.
  17. Mistakes Happen. Have a plan.
  18. Embrace your worst-case Scenario
  19. The Pauli Principle: Fast vs. Perfect
  20. Your NEXT Launch
  21. Create GOOD Habits of mindfulness, de-stressing, confidence, intuition, creativity and productivity.

This outline was based on this cool visual summary by Sacha Chua on her blog Sketched Books: