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At this time in human history, we are experiencing a unique set of social and technological conditions which have brought us into a new era of creativity and innovation. If you are a creative person, you need to be aware of the new opportunities to create valuable and helpful products.

The Inventor School - Business Training - Learn Invention Skills

Technology, creativity, communications and rapid learning have spiked. The conditions are just right to result in a hot-bed of innovation, invention and (ideally) liberation of the human race.  So many pieces of the puzzle are coming together to enable creative people to solve problems and make a positive impact on the world. It’s a an amazing time to be an inventor!

This article highlights some of the “puzzle pieces” which have recently converged. The result: NOW is undeniably the time for creative people to take action and make a difference in the world.

To Invent is Human

Humans have always been inventors. In my opinion, it’s our ingenuity and problem-solving nature which defines us as Human.

Homo Sapiens are essentially defined by technology – we make and use tools.

Q: Was the first primitive Stone Axe an invention? Maybe…

Invention Definition: A new device, method, or process developed from study and experimentation.

That’s us…We study, we get ideas, we experiment, we develop ways to make life easier/better. Seek pleasure, avoid pain.

Design and Innovation have become a competitive sport

With companies like Apple, Go-Pro, Dyson, Nike, and other successful companies have made positive impacts on millions of people, the fields of product design and innovation (invention) now hold high esteem. Previous stigma of the “crazy” inventor are less frequent – the nerds turned millionaire CEOs have rally changed teh way we look at technology and the sciences (even such dry material as applied psychology…).

Creative ideas are now taken more seriously in industry as innovation is on every company’s agenda. Creative ideas, new products and inventions are more in demand than ever as the business world scrambles to switch their predominantly right-brained thinking. Inventors and designers have the ball in their court.

The Social Network Effect

Social Networking and Online Marketing channels (Google, FB, LinkedIn, etc) engle us to reach niche audiences like never before. Clearly this is significant for reaching customers and selling our products, but it also allows inventors and product designers to quickly gain insight from prospective customers in order to create better products/solutions.

Market research which would previously have cost thousands of dollars and months of time can now be done in a matter of hours. Quicker insights and shorter feedback loops mean that not only can inventors and developers get products out the door quicker, the end result will be more satisfying. For inventors, social media has become a changing tool in our toolbox, making it easier and quicker to create and market successful products.

Crowd Capital

In the past 5-10 years, crowdfunding has massively changed the way inventors and small businesses gather investment and launch products.

Enabled by social media and relatively inexpensive media production tools (Eg. Smartphone + iMovie), this new ability to generate “pre-sales” for products which have yet to be made. has made it possible not only to sell a dream but to actually co-create a product with the involvement of the target audience.

Crowdfunding brings reduced financial risk for inventor(s) and an exciting form of entertaining consumerism with the result being a springboard for some of the most interesting products of the last century. It’s a great example of a completely new form of collaborative communication which makes NOW and incredible time to be a creative person.

Digital Manufacturing for the Masses

Widespread access to 3D Printing (both at-home and contracted) at reasonable prices now allows individuals and companies to test their ideas in a fraction of the time.  This can help prove a design, create proof-of concept, do testing as well as perfect a pre-production design. All on a budget 1/100th of what it once was. This techonlogy is producing game-changing results in virtually every field from Footwear to Medicine. 3D priting allows virtually anyone to have an idea for a physical product and have it created as a single prototype or short-run production units.

Shapeways is one of the most accessible and friendly interfaces I know of. With a wide range of materials and even a marketplace for selling your products, it’s enough to get you excited about the world of possibilities with 3D design and 3D priting.

The Door (to Software) is Wide Open

The Open-Source software development movement has made some amazing and powerful tools available for free. Some high-end design software license fees cost anywhere from $10,000 – $50,000 but thanks to some dedicated individuals and philanthropic investors, an independent individual or team can achieve excellent results without spending a cent.

These are a few of the best FREE 3D modeling and animation tools available: 123D, SketchupBlender

Here’s an article which goes into some other options in more depth:

Rapid Learning 

There’s a scene in The Matrix where Neo receives Master-Level Kung Fu training by having information uploaded into his brain. In a matter of 30 seconds, he becomes a martial arts expert.

While we’re not quite at that point yet, Online Courses and Video Demonstrations (YouTube, Lynda) now give us the ability to get specific skills we may need need. Previously, many of these skills would have been too obscure to find quality instruction. (Eg. how to train your flying squirrel).

This “cloud brain” provides just-in-time learning for virtually any skill a creative person may need in order to acheive their desired result. Want to make that Crowdfunding video? Vimeo will teach you powerful video production skills for free. Need accounting skills? Coursera has ivy-league instruction without the debt.

There’s an App for that!

With more than 2 Billion Smartphones online, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities of mobile and online applications.  Sure, apps and software may not fit with what we think of as “inventions”, but computer code is more and more becoming a popular asset of Intellectual Property. This means that the modern inventor has a powerful new way to create new solutions to a problem and deliver that solution to the masses and create an asset which can be sold or licensed. As we know, apps which become popular (eg. FB, Snapchat, Instagram, etc) have the power to change the world as well as be immensely profitable. While you may not have all the skills to develop an app yourself, that’s ok! A successful invention is more about reaching insight and solving a customer’s problem…You can always hire someone to build it for you after you Crowdfund the capital 😉


Now is the time. Join the Age of Invention…

All the puzzle pieces are coming together to enable creative people to take massive action and make an impact on the world. The tools and resources are all available – from education to execution.

For a low investment in time/money, you can accomplish amazing things. You can make a positive impact on the world, create income, put your creative talents to work.

Join us as we continue our journey of learning invention!