Inventor Interview: Peter Marigold of Form Card

Inventor interview form card

FormCard is a very cool and useful invention.

Essentially it’s a handy piece of thermoplastic which can be put into hot water to become moldable. It hardens at room temperature and it sticks to itself and almost any material! It can be used for repairs of broken items or to make small art pieces. It can also be used over and over. Plus, it’s actually made of Bio-Plastic!

It’s a great project and it has been extremely successful. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to interview the Inventor of FormCard, Peter Marigold. Peter is an artist and Maker from the UK. His journey from playful experiments through two successful crowdfunding campaigns is an inspiring story of what can become of a simple idea when you put in the work to develop it and put it out there.

Click Here to Listen to My Interview with the Inventor of Form Card



Key Takeaways from Form Card:

  1. If you’ve got a product idea, keep it simple!
  2. Figure out ALL your costs ahead of time including packaging, freight and handling.
  3. For simple products, crowdfunding can yield GREAT results … with little risk.
  4. Take time for design
  5. Leverage your suppliers for technical information


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