Adventures in Prototyping: 3D Printer Demo

Today we’re taking a little adventure in Prototyping.

We’re gonna be able to use our industrial 3d printer

This is a very expensive unit. It doesn’t belong to me but I have the joy of using it on occasion so

I’ll show you a bit about how we send a part off to the printer

It’s finished now and we’re going to de-powder it and then we’re going to coat it in the type of resin. The resin is a bit like crazy glue. Then, the part will become hard and we can then use it to evaluate our design

So we have the bed open. The parts are lodged inside the powder and

What I’m going to do is take the vacuum system in this 3d printer and we’re going to vacuum up all the excess powder

It’s an Epoxy powder and it goes back into the storage area for future use, it’s not discarded

The next/last step is to take our part and impregnate it with a type of glue like a crazy glue.

Then we let it dry…voila!